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As I do not have much time to check emails now a days, For a faster response, please give a call or text me, John 916-397-7293

Hello Rottweiler Fans!! We will try our best to help and answer everyone's inquires and questions on a timely basis, We will have puppies from time to time thru out the year, If you wish to reserve a puppy or have further questions, please give me a call or text, Thanks, JOHN 916-397-7293

Puppies: Outdoor Activities

Puppies Available!!!

We may have puppies available from time to time and may not have time to list them here, Please give us a call if you have interest or questions. Due to all the robo calls, we will screen calls, so please do leave us a message, Thank you!! JOHN 916-397-7293

Puppies: Pro Gallery
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