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About Us

Welcome to Wu-Tang Rottweilers.  We are located in Sacramento, California USA.  I have always had a passion for dogs and after seeing my first Rottweiler in 1990, I had to learn if there was more to the breed than it's awesome looks.  I did my research and discovered that the Rottweiler is not only a beautiful breed, but is also known for its loyalty, courage, intelligence and can do attitude.  

I was hooked and determined to own and be involved with the Rottweiler breed.  To this day I am as  passionate as ever about the Rottweiler. 

I particiapte and enjoy showing my Rottweilers in the German Style shows hosted by clubs such as the United States Rottweiler Club (USRC), American Rottweiler Verin (ARV), and the National Independent Rottweiler Klub (NIRK).  I also breed the Rottweilers and incorporate Top German Rottweiler Bloodlines into our program. 

With the German Rottweiler Ancestry , Wu-Tang Rottweiler puppies have the Conformation for Showing and Working Abilities for the Schutzhund Field in their blood.  Wu-Tang rottweiler puppies are bred for conformation, working abilities (including protection/obedience work) but are just as suited as a  sound and stable a companion.  Wu-Tang Rottweiler pups are raised with love in my home. They are constantly socialized with people of all ages as such promotes a successful transition into their new homes. 

We provide a Hip and Health Guarantee, will be current on all shots and vaccinations and will have the proper paperwork (AKC) with each Rottweiler puppy.

We're glad you have found our site. Please enjoy your visit, and our dogs!



Wu-Tang Rottweilers 

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